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When AdvanTech accepts single source responsibility, we also assume responsibility to successfully commission the project on schedule and within budget. In order to ensure such performance, we follow a jointly developed implementation project plan, which includes periodic reviews, monitoring of expenditures, status reporting, etc. And since most turnkey projects can be broken down into a variety of tasks requiring knowledge of various disciplines, AdvanTech Corporation assembles an implementation team for each project, which includes a Project Manager, Technical Account Manager, one or several Project Engineers and a Designer. The team holds periodic project review meetings to enable other company members to track the progress of the project, to learn of new and innovating techniques discovered and to seek assistance in solving problems.

The following are some of the reasons for our project implementation philosophy:

Many projects are too large to be handled by a single individual.

Implementation of most projects requires knowledge of numerous, diverse disciplines. AdvanTech employees have strengths in different areas of engineering. Our team approach allows AdvanTech to utilize unique individual skills on all projects.

Team approach allows our management to have continuous involvement in all projects, thus insuring timely and cost effective delivery.

Team approach provides each project with continuity in the event that an individual employee is unable to complete an assigned project task.

Team approach reduces stress on an individual employee, thus insuring job satisfaction and employee retention.

To maintain constant control over quality, reliability, performance, flexibility and value (The AdvanTech Advantage), our in-house personnel perform the following activities for turnkey projects:




Control panel design and fabrication


CAD based wiring diagrams, loop drawings, schematics and panel layout and “As-Built” drawings


Instrumentation, hardware and software procurement


PLC and DCS programming


SCADA/HMI configuration


System security implementation


Web enabling


FDA compliant validation documentation


Operating and Maintenance manuals


Field installation assistance


Field start-up and commissioning


Factory and field acceptance testing


Instrumentation calibration


In-house and on-site training


Project management


Maintenance and service contracts

To request a detailed description of completed turnkey projects or to obtain a comprehensive Customer reference list, please contact us today!