AdvanTech Corporation



When you choose AdvanTech Corporation you choose a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals ready to supply a solution to all of your automation needs. AdvanTech employees have experience in design, development and implementation of custom process control and monitoring projects using computers, programmable controllers and related hardware/software products. Turnkey or select services are available to support the requirements of our customers in a variety of industries.

Over the years, AdvanTech Corporation has become know as an integration company with expertise, experience and fortitude to complete any automation project on time and within budget without sacrificing customer service and responsiveness. This is the reason why AdvanTech’s Customer base is constantly increasing and exceeds 1000. Many of our repeat customers are members of Fortune 500 list of companies, utilities, municipalities and government agencies.

Pharmaceutical companies

Food companies

Chemical companies

Semiconductor manufacturing companies

Power generating and power distribution utilities

Water utilities

Wastewater and groundwater remediation organizations

Whatever the magnitude or complexity, your project will be handled by our team of engineers having expertise and experience designing, developing, programming and supplying systems for:


Research and development including Pilot Plants

Water and soil treatment and remediation

Life safety

Building management


To request additional information regarding AdvanTech’s capabilities and to obtain a comprehensive Customer reference list, please contact us today!