AdvanTech Corporation


At AdvanTech, we recognized from inception that in order for us to become and to remain a supplier of choice to our Customers, the products we furnish must have a high degree of excellence as defined in the industry. But applying high quality products to complex systems is not enough. Over the years we implemented various quality improvement procedures including:

Periodic evaluations of our suppliers

Innovative methods for efficient project management

Empowered our employees to continually reexamine existing project development procedures and to make improvements when necessary

Periodic project review meetings by the members of the development team to root-out early any potential problems

Extensive testing of individual components and of the entire integrated system prior to shipment

Periodic surveys of employees and customers to obtain necessary feedback

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Our high-reliability solutions follow rigid specifications applicable to your industrial environment regardless of the hazards. All products supplied by AdvanTech are required to have documentation regarding classification, reliability, MTBF values and quality control procedures used during manufacturing and testing. All turnkey systems are subject to our in-house functional testing and burn-in procedures prior to shipment. And to ensure that your AdvanTech supplied system or product continues to perform at its best day after day, we offer on-site training, unlimited telephone support and maintenance contracts.

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AdvanTech uses innovative project implementation tools (many of which were developed in-house) in order to improve our own productivity. This, in turn, provides our Customers with systems that handle information more effectively with greater speed and better presentation. The end result is superior performance, low cost and quick return on investment.

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AdvanTech systems are designed to be user friendly for the operator, technician and engineer. All our systems and products have the capability to be modified or reconfigured, to communicate with various intelligent devices, to be adapted to changing environments and to expand to accommodate the future needs of our Customers.

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AdvanTech’s competitive edge lies in our people. Using their diverse educational backgrounds, comprehensive on-the-job experience and familiarity with state-of-the-art technologies, we continuously to seek innovative methods of performing a wide range of automation tasks more efficiently and thus more economically.

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