AdvanTech Corporation



AdvanTech Corporation was established in 1986 as a full service control, instrumentation and automation company specializing in design, development, implementation and supply of turnkey control, SCADA and monitoring systems and products for various industries using instrumentation, computers, programmable controllers and related hardware/software products.

From inception AdvanTech’s mission was to deliver to our Customers leading edge products and services of such consistent quality, reliability, performance, flexibility and value that would enable us to build long lasting relationships with our Customers and would make us a preferred automation’s supplier in the region.

What enables AdvanTech to achieve this mission is our corporate philosophy to always exceed Customer’s expectations. We constantly search for better solutions. Will the proposed system or product meet the Customer’s current as well as future needs? Can the proposed component be incorporated into a cohesive facility-wide automation solution? Will the Customer be able to easily maintain the proposed system? How easy will it be to upgrade without any loss of initial investment? How can the cost be minimized without sacrificing functionality and reliability?
AdvanTech employs a team of experienced Control, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation Engineers capable of answering all of the above questions. Most of AdvanTech’s employees have degrees in computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering. Formal education is supplemented with years of experience in project management, system analysis, instrumentation, communications, all areas of programmable control and computer applications. Our employee’s experience provides AdvanTech with the capability of solving a variety of complex industrial and environmental control problems.

Our people combined with our corporate philosophy enables AdvanTech to approach each project in a fresh, new way, with an open mind and a scope of vision and creativity unique in this industry!