AdvanTech Corporation
Water and Wastewater Treatment

A variety of factors: stricter environmental requirements, optimization of energy consumption or need for higher product quality, results in an increasing degree of automation in the water and wastewater industries.  AdvanTech is committed to help municipalities and businesses in meeting their water and wastewater instrumentation, control and monitoring needs by supplying a variety of high quality affordable systems and products. 

From drinking water automation and control to wastewater treatment, we understand the economic, regulatory and technical demands that affect the water and wastewater industries.  AdvanTech’s many years of experience and numerous installations provide us with substantial expertise in product selection and application, engineering, project management, system start-up and training. 

AdvanTech is dedicated to serving every customer.  Whether you need a single instrument, a standalone RTU or a multimillion-dollar turnkey system, we are at your service.