AdvanTech Corporation

AdvanTech Corporation has a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with several utility companies located in our geographic area. On many occasions AdvanTech was requested to solve a variety of complex automation problems for our Customers. Our responsibilities often included hardware and software design, instrumentation selection, software development, supply of all the documentation, prototype development and training. Some of the projects completed by AdvanTech have won national acclaim.

One such device, the Remote High Potential Test Set (RHPTS), was developed for Con Edison Company of New York under the supervision of the Research and Development department. The RHPTS is a device specifically designed to eliminate the hazards associated with high potential testing performed by Electric Utility’s personnel.

The RHPTS consists of two units. The Local Unit is the Hipot Controller, designed to interface with a variety of Hipots. The Remote Unit is responsible for all operator interface functions and can be located a safe distance away from the Hipot. Both units are equipped with multi-axis, wireless communication heads used to pass operator requests to the Hipot and Hipot parameters to the operator.

The RHPTS provides the operating personnel with a variety of other useful functions:

Safety. Using the RHPTS the operator may be located a safe distance away from the high voltage part of the test. The system incorporates a variety of safety features, such as automatic shutdown on loss of communication and other alarm conditions.


Ease of Operation. The operation of the Hipot may be controlled automatically using a variety of operator interface devices (keyboards, displays, printers and alarm signaling devices) eliminating the need to physically contact the Hipot operators.


Portability. Both the Local and the Remote units of the RHPTS are housed in weather resistant, rugged, pressure compensated, portable enclosures, which may be carried by a single operator.


Versatility. An intuitive menu system enables the operator to select automated or manual tests using a number of predefined test procedures each with a variable number of steps, step duration and voltages.


Convenience. The RHPTS automatically stores and prints the test results. Previous test results may be recalled at a later date for analysis using Excel or other third-party software packages.


Reliability. Due to the sophisticated communications interface between the local and remote units, all data transmissions are immune from electrical interference and noise.


Consistency. Utilizing a PC new test procedures may be centrally developed and downloaded to different RHPTS insuring uniformity of all tests regardless of the operator.