AdvanTech Corporation



AdvanTech supplied innovative, automated Boiler Water Softening systems for several power/steam-generating stations located in New York City. These Brine based Regeneration Systems were designed to replace existing systems employing electromechanical relays, timers, pushbuttons, switches and lights used to control and monitor the treatment process. AdvanTech was responsible for hardware/software architecture design, hardware/software procurement, enclosure design/fabrication, all configuration/programming, documentation/drawings, installation supervision, start-up, commissioning and training.
The key component of each new system is a cluster of state-of-the-art PLCs responsible for controlling the operation of the entire treatment process. These PLCs are equipped with an appropriate number of analog and digital input/output (I/O) modules used for physical interface with field sensors and field devices. The inputs are responsible for digitizing all the electrical signals received from the field sensors (instrumentation, transmitters, contacts, etc.) and communicating the digitized data to the PLC CPU for processing. Each CPU is programmed to examine the field information and executes a variety of pre-configured control algorithms (PID, ramp, digital logic, interlocking, etc.). The result of some of these functions is sent to the outputs for re-transmission to the field installed control devices (valves, pumps, motors, etc.).
All the PLCs are connected to an Ethernet TCP/IP Local Area Network (LAN). This enabled any PLC based field or calculated data to be available to any other device on the LAN. Several PCs, each equipped with a monitor, keyboard, communication ports and other required peripherals are also connected to this LAN. Each PC is configured to operate completely independently and provides secure access to all the authorized PLC data. Each PC executes a SCADA software package responsible for bi-directional communication with the PLCs and for providing the operating personnel with means of monitoring, analyzing and controlling the treatment process. The supplied SCADA software performs all the operator interface functions including supervisory control of the regeneration process, displaying of all the necessary parameters on graphic screens, alarm annunciation, data logging, trending, etc. The user interface software utilizes menus, prompts and other user-friendly commands for easy human interaction with the system.
The PLCs together with the I/O modules, power supplies, relays and other miscellaneous equipment were factory mounted within Nema 4-type consoles. This console includes a panel face mounted industrial PC performing all local operator interface function.