AdvanTech Corporation

Anticipating increased demand and opportunities mandated by federal government's environmental policies in the 90s, AdvanTech Corporation has developed in-house expertise associated with water, air and soil clean up and detoxification. Utilizing emerging control, monitoring, data acquisition and communications technologies AdvanTech has completed Groundwater Remediation projects for a number of government agencies (US Army, US Navy, Department of Environmental Protection) involved with super-fund clean-up projects, as well as several industrial customers (Allied Signal, Chevron, Curtis Wright, Foster Wheeler, Shaw Environmental, etc.). In developing these systems, AdvanTech was responsible for:

Designing various control and monitoring aspects of the remediation process

Selecting and supplying appropriate instrumentation; programming the necessary pumping, extraction, treatment, sludge removal, re-injection and other control algorithms

Configuring local operator interface devices

Configuring SCADA systems

Providing remote supervisory capabilities to unmanned facilities

Local and remote alarm annunciation

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant Report Generation and data collection.