AdvanTech Corporation

AdvanTech was selected as the supplier of choice to develop and implement a Chemical Information System (CIS) to be installed at several of the New York based Power Generating Stations. The supplied CIS systems are used to control and monitor Boiler Water Chemistry. The supplied CIS consist of a variety of in-line instruments used to sample boiler water characteristics (pH, conductivity, resistively, etc.). These instruments generate a linear electric signal proportional to the measures parameter, which is transmitted to an associated input module. The input module digitizes the received signal. This signal is then converted to appropriate engineering units by the CIS processor. The processor is also programmed to control the water chemistry by opening and closing valves used to inject various chemicals in to the water. Several networked industrial computers (PCs) display the instantaneous chemistry of the water. In addition, the SCADA software executing on the PCs generates alerts when a parameter is detected outside the normal limits. All the monitored parameters a logged on the hard disk on a periodic bases. Local or remote authorized personnel may display the instantaneous or historical data using trends, bars or circular charts.